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We are really excited about this new addition to our range of speciality teas. This is the real deal – warming and relaxing, just perfect for the Stanthorpe winter. The blend consists of the best quality Australian Certified Organic ingredients.

Gunpowder Tea

Gunpowder green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, just like all varieties of green tea. Although the leaves are the same as those in other teas, they're presented a bit differently: gunpowder tea leaves are rolled into small pellets that expand when steeped, releasing the flavour and nutrients. One large-scale study in Japan, published in "The Journal of the American Medical Association" in 2006, indicates a possible link between green tea consumption and a longer life span. The study followed 40,530 adults over 11 years.

Apple Bits

Not only added for flavour but for its amazing health benefits. The mineral salts in apple bits cleanse the blood and urinary tract, reduces swelling acting as a gentle diuretic, and calms inflammation. Full of Vitamins A and C to boost immunity, citric acid and pectin which assists with lowering LDL and has rich antioxidant content. Remember the old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.


Originally from Angola, hibiscus in tea form is widely used as a health drink particularly as an aid to support heart health and for cholesterol and blood pressure maintenance. Scientific interest in hibiscus has grown in the last several years, thanks to a number of published research studies which suggests that hibiscus tea or hibiscus extract may offer antioxidant effects and enhance cardiovascular health.

Rosehip Shells

A Rose hip is the fruit of a rose. Dried rosehip shells used in tea are caffeine free and are particularly high in Vitamin C (they contain 50% more vitamin C than oranges). They also contain Vitamins A, D and E, iron as well as essential fatty acids and antioxidant flavonoids. Research in Denmark and Germany using a rose hip remedy found it was actually very beneficial in treating rheumatoid arthritis. So don’t just smell the roses, try them in your tea as well.


Another ingredient that makes a wonderful contribution to the taste. Cloves are a spice harvested from a tree belonging to the Myrtle family. This incredible spice has an ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) that is through the roof – of over 290,000. That’s a lot of antioxidants. Cloves also have anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities, and can even prevent adult onset diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels. Including cloves in this tea blend adds flavour, helps prevent bacterial infections and can also improve dental hygiene by limiting bacteria in the mouth.

Cassia Cinnamon Bark

Cassia Cinnamon is one of the varieties of the Cinnamon plant. The ground bark is commonly used as a flavouring agent. Cassia Cinnamon contains the chemical cinnamaldehyde, which is believed to have activity against bacteria and fungi. Its health benefits include providing relief for muscle and stomach spasms, preventing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, infections, the common cold and loss of appetite. Cassia Cinnamon has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on blood sugarin humans.

Safflower Petals

Safflower is a popular component of traditional Chinese medicine. The flowers are picked from the plant in the summer, after the petals turn bright red, and are dried in the shade for herbal medicine. The benefit of Safflower petals to the blend is its soothing and relaxing abilities. It can also treat fevers, coughs and bronchial spasms. A great immune booster.

Orange and Lemon Peel

The zest or peel of orange and lemon round off the delicious taste of this blend.The peel is high in calcium and vitamin C.  Calcium is an essential mineral important for maintaining bone health while Vitamin C is vital in enhancing natural immunity. Flavonones are health-promoting nutrients that are found in far greater concentration in the peel.

After all that I feel entitled to relax by the fire with a steaming cup of Fireside Tea. Sigh!

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