Slim & Tone this New Year with Amazonia


We are excited to offer the Amazonia Slim & Tone Plan designed to support you in losing weight while achieving a more energised and healthy life. This is a 6 week program created by a team of nutrition and health experts that is targeted at weight loss without digestive discomfort whilst enjoying truly nourishing meals and shakes. Introducing this plan now makes good sense as it will help you get over the “silly season”.

The plan is built on a strong sprouted and bio-fermented protein base with a complete amino acid profile which provides satiety and a slow release of energy throughout the day. The concentration of mineral-rich greens in the Raw Slim & Tone Protein provides filling nutrients and aides in supporting detoxification pathways in the body. Bad digestive bacteria cause cravings, low energy and weight problems. Amazonia’s specifically formulated blend of herbs and spices helps to remove bad bacteria and inflammatory foods such as gluten and sugar. Raw Pre-Probiotics then replenish the system with an abundance of good bacteria together with the food to feed it and promote its growth for a healthy and balanced digestive system.                                 
Go Vita Stanthorpe has packaged a kit that will provide all you need for the 6 weeks on the program.
2 x 1kg Amazonia Slim & Tone Protein (available in 3 flavours)
2 x 50ml Amazonia Raw Sugar Crave Release Spray
1 x 120g Amazonia Raw Pre-Probiotics

The value of this kit is normally $269.75, however for the month of January to kick-start your New Years weight-loss we are offering this kit for only $199.  That's a saving of over $70!


Amazonia Specials

Valid to end January 2017

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