Coenzyme Q10 and Ubiquinol

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No doubt you've heard about enzymes and how they are important to our health, however you may not be aware of Coenzymes.  Coenzymes are compounds that assist enzymes in their function.

One of the most important Coenzymes you will find is Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 as it is more commonly referred to.

Studies into CoQ10 continue, and to date is has been found that CoQ10 is helpful in a number of functions in our body, including:

  • supporting optimum heart health,
  • Fuels the energy-producing mitochondria found in almost all cells in our body and supports 95% of the body’s energy production,
  • helps protect cells in the body from damage due to oxidative stress,
  • is the most powerful known, fat-soluble antioxidant in the body,
  • assists in male reproductive health, increasing sperm count, energy and motility, and
  •  helps replenish CoQ10 levels in the blood which can be depleted by certain forms for anti-cholesterol medications

Recently, a newer form of CoQ10 has become available.  Ubiquinol is a form of CoQ10, however it differs to conventional CoQ10 in that the body must first convert CoQ10 to Ubiquinol for it to become available to your cells.  Essentially, Ubiquinol cuts out the need for the body to convert CoQ10, making it instantly available, and more potent leading to better efficacy.

Additionally, it has been found that starting from the age of about 40, the body becomes less efficient at converting traditional CoQ10 into Ubiquinol.  This is why those over the age of 40 should consider Ubiquinol instead of traditional CoQ10 - as you age traditional CoQ10 is going to become increasingly ineffective as your body loses the ability to process it.

We have supplements of both CoQ10 and Ubiquinol available.  You will also find some preparations are fortified with additional beneficial ingredients such as fish oil.  If you are at risk of heart health complications, have a history of heart conditions, are taking statins or have a diet deficient in natural sources of CoQ10 (mostly foods high in healthy fats), then you should consider CoQ10 or Ubiquinol supplementation.  If you are unsure of which you require,  just ask one of our friendly staff to give you a hand.

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