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With the pressures of modern day life, having to think quickly on your feet, interpret information and process ever increasing amounts of stimuli, it’s no wonder that many of us are having difficulties when it comes to memory.

When we talk about problems with memory, it’s not just about forgetting things.  It’s about the ability to recall information quickly and also being able to focus your attention.  Difficulties with memory and focus are not just limited to aging people.  We are seeing an increase in younger people exhibiting problems when it comes to memory.  Thankfully, there’s a number of options available to help improve your memory and cognition.



  • The old adage “healthy body, healthy mind” is quite true.  Exercise helps remove toxins from the body and increases blood flow which in turn provides more oxygen to the brain.  Exercising also gives you the opportunity to “clear your mind”.



  • A diet packed with healthy fresh fruit and vegetables will help.  You may have heard of the gut-brain link – what you eat effects your brain.  Think of your brain as the engine in your car.  If your engine doesn’t get the fuel (and quality fuel) it requires, your car isn’t going to run all that well.  Consider foods high in omega 3’s (in particular omega 3 DHA's) such as fish, meat, eggs, certain nuts, chia seeds and flax seeds.



  • This one’s a little obvious.  Nobody operates to their full potential when they’re sleep deprived.  Electronic devices with screens can be quite bad for disrupting sleep due to what’s called “blue light”.  This light stimulates hormones that are responsible for keeping us awake.  Newer devices have settings that will tint your screen towards the red spectrum to counter this effect.  A better option might be to not have electronic devices in the bedroom.  Something to consider.



  • You might also want to consider taking supplements to help you with your memory and cognition.  These types of supplements are safe to use for everyone, including children over the age of 6.  The key ingredients that you need to look for are Brahmi (Bacopa) and Ginkgo Biloba.  Additionally, look for products such as essential oils that are referred to as Cephalics.  Herbs like as those already mentioned, basil, rosemary and members of the mint family can assist in memory, either as fresh herbs or as essential oils.


We stock a number of products to help with memory and cognition.  Memory by Fusion health is a popular choice, and is on special this month (February 2018).  Also consider Memory & Cognition by Herbs of Gold, or Brahmi and Ginkgo products by Nutralife.  There is also a children's range by Nordic Naturals called Childrens DHA, available in liquid or capsule form.  Of course, if you would like to discuss your health, including issues with memory, please come in and see one of our helpful staff.  We can find the best product to suit your needs as well as address any other health concerns you may have.







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