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We all want to find ways to boost our everyday energy levels - here we explore how you can power through the day, manage your stress and sleep better too!

Want to know the secret to vitality, joy and longevity? I know many readers would love to know it comes in the form of a single pill. Admittedly, that sounds appealing; however, the reality is so much more vivid and wonderful. It allows you to move with vigour, breathe with exhilaration, eat with relish and sleep harmoniously. It takes effort, but the journey is part of the adventure. Ok, ok, we’ll cut to the chase and reveal the answer to a beautiful life.

Drum roll ... the secret is: great nutrition, plenty of water, regular movement, lots of laughter and a good quota of sound sleep every night. I can hear groans and cries of, “We’ve heard this all before”. The reason it keeps coming back is because it is true, it’s the secret to the one and only way to live optimally.

The Sleep Factor

One of the biggest factors influencing your day is how you slept last night. It will determine how much energy you have in your internal stores to face challenges and embrace opportunities, it will also depict, to a large extent, how you eat and consequently how you function.

In recent years much has been written about the effect sleep has on weight gain. This comes down to the body’s circadian rhythms, or our biological clock, which gives us cues through the release of hormones as to when it is time to sleep, wake, when we are hungry, when we are sated and so much more.

If our body clock is out of whack, our body systems become dysfunctional and we end up eating too much or too little, not sleeping, slumping at inopportune times of the day when we need to have clarity and vitality and generally fighting an uphill battle against the world and ourselves.

 There’s a billion dollar industry in drugs that induce sleep alone, but with increasing awareness of the health side-effects there’s a growing movement towards more natural solutions.

Natural Sleep Solutions

Lifestyle Changes

A very simple and effective step towards good sleeping habits is to ensure your bedroom is totally dark. Any light, from an outside street lamp to a digital clock, even a full moon, can affect the release of our wake-up hormones and disrupt sleep patterns. Block-out curtains or blinds can help, as can wearing an eye mask. Exercise (though not before bedtime), light evening meals, disconnecting all electronic devices several hours before you go to bed and reducing alcohol and caffeine, are all good sleep habits. Misguidedly, people often turn to stimulants such as caffeine and sugar when they’re experiencing an energy slump and while these do give a temporarily boost, there’s a price to pay. When we alter our chemical state artificially, we get a fast peak - then comes the crash. Even when attempting to follow a healthy lifestyle regime we may still need a helping hand to bring the metabolism into balance and that’s where natural supplementation comes in.

Daily Health Insurance

If you are not sure if you’re getting all the nutrients you need from your daily diet then it may be worth investing in a daily multi supplement to ensure you are! New to the market is Amazonia Raw Multi, a powder that encompasses a full array of live ingredients including essential herbs, seeds, super foods, veggies, sprouts, spices, sea minerals, live foods, grasses, roots, chlorophyll, berries and 13 strains of pre-probiotics. It’s a perfect way to start each day, simply add to water or juice.

Gentle Homoeopathic Remedies

Natural remedies with homoeopathic ingredients and tissue salts taken throughout the day can have a calming physiological effect, preparing the entire body for rest at the end of the day. Some of these remedies are also suitable during pregnancy, a time when sleep patterns are often disturbed.

Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acids are the body’s natural building blocks of protein, important for neurotransmission, the sending of electrical impulses in the brain. If vital messages are not getting from the control centre to the worksites, things are likely to go haywire. Researchers at the University of Newcastle have drawn on years of research into amino acid therapy with chronic fatigue patients; to conclude that amino acid supplementation (with Top Nutrition’s Fatigue REVIVA and its patented delivery system) is a way to improve energy levels, sleep patterns and concentration.

Natural Herbal Adaptogens

These help the body to resist or cope with stress and are another means of attuning ourselves for better sleep and the consequent benefit of increased vim and vigour. Many adaptogens work synergistically and products which contain rhodiola, Siberian ginseng and withania will all help to tune and strengthen the nervous system resulting in increased stamina as well as an ability to deflect tension and go with the flow in times of hardship.

Sleeping Better

A testimonial for Chinese herbs:

“I am a managing lawyer of a large firm and my lifestyle is very fast-paced. I have had sleep problems for many years. I used to wake in the middle of the night and was unable to go back to sleep for hours. I suffered broken sleep and was always tired during the day. Since I started taking a patented natural herbal formula, I now sleep throughout the night. I no longer wake during the night and toss and turn for hours.

I wake very day feeling refreshed and energised. Thanks to this new herbal formula, I have a good night of sleep every night.”
Michele Cheong

The herbs such as feverfew and ginkgo used in the patented natural formula have anti-inflammatory, blood circulation improving, pain and sleeplessness relieving properties. Hence this combination can also help in the management of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), migraine and headaches. 

Adapted from Go Magazine March 2014

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